Réf: SY-600-FAN

Technical Specification:
Specifications / structure
1- Material: made of stainless steel by stretching forming, attractive appearance, no rust,  
2- Bearing:wholel sealing bearing, which can ensure it operates smoothly and constantly.
3- Special central shaft design, high-class lubricating bearing system: preventing turbine blades rotating at high speed from deformation, and extending the service life. 
4- Inside support frame: cast iron.
1- Automatically running. wind drive. One time investment, no anymore cost.
2- No operating cost, no electricity consumption, environmental protection, energy-saving.
3- Noneed maintenance, long life working.
4- Light weight, strong and durable construction.
5- Weather resistance,  self-cleanness, highrevolving sensitivity and high air venting efficiency.  
6- Easy installation:.installation position: flat roof, pitched roof, concrete roof and contour plate of various industrial plants.
7- waterproof efficiency may reach 100%.
1) Exhausting turbid, humid hot air to exterior and supplying fresh air to interior.
2) Produce air convection as a heat radiator, reducing indoor temperature, increasing air fresh.
3) Reduce air conditioning load, increasing the cooling effect.
Widely used in these places
1- Ware house;
2- Factories and workshops (such as paper mill, galvanized products producing factories, painting factories,...);
3- Garage and other buildings which need air ventilate.

Technical specification
Air vent diameter (mm): 600
Net height (mm): 590
Net weight (kg): 5.8

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