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Barefoot Go 250 Portable Solar Light

Technical Specification:
Product Description
Barefoot Go 250 Portable Solar Light
barefoot_go-whiteThe Barefoot Go portable solar light has been specifically designed to meet the needs of rural markets. The ultra-bright lamp can illuminate an entire room or shop. Multiple brightness settings allow the user to conserve power until it’s needed.
Barefoot Go includes a 1 Amp USB output capable of charging smart phones and other devices.The versatile design and stand make it  perfect for any location and situation. It also includes a 2.5W polycrystalline solar panel combined with microprocessor-controlled battery management to maximize battery performance and life.
Barefoot Go and all included components are backed by a comprehensive 24-month warranty.
Technical specification
- Ultra Bright 135 lumen LED lamp is the brightest in its class.
- 24-month warranty on all components
- Multiple Light Settings: Night light (60 hours), bright (12 hours) and ultra bright (6 hours)
- USB Output for charging mobile phones and smart devices
- USB phone-charging kit included
- Next Power Off: Pressing the power button will always turn the lamp off once it’s been on for more than five seconds.
- Sleep Mode: Press the power button for 10 seconds and the lamp will enter sleep mode to conserve power
- Three-stage Battery Charge Indicators: low, medium and high
- Charging indicators will flash when battery is charging
- Full battery indicators will double flash every every 10 seconds when the battery is full
- Low battery indicator will flash once every 10 seconds when battery capacity is low
- USB compatibility for charging the lamp
- Barefoot Connect compatibility for charging the lamp
- Versatile Design: can be used in nine different positions
- 2.5W Solar Panel: the largest available for a single lamp product
- 3.3Ah LiFEPo4 Battery: The largest and longest lasting battery in its class.

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