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Sun King™ Solo - Long lasting Solar Light

Technical Specification:
Technical Specifications  
LEDs Dual power LEDs, 130 lumens per watt
Battery Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) 3.2 V 1000 mAh
Solar Panel 700 mW, 4.7 V industrial-grade, aluminum-framed amorphous thin film panel
Light Beam 360-degree ambient wide-angle spread (low & turbo modes) and 40-degree (spot mode)
Enclosure Polycarbonate and ABS IP54 rated, water-sealed enclosure
LCD Screen Microprocessor-controlled system: Active battery management gives five extra hours of low-power light after battery runs low. Charging indicator blinks 1-5 times to indicate solar charging strength.

Light runtime after one sunny day of solar charging:
Low Power 8 Lumens - 24 Hrs
Spot 21 Lumens - 08 Hrs
Turbo Power 50 Lumens - 04 Hrs

1. Torch Mode: Superior optics provide a at night.clean, narrow light ideal for reading or walking
2. Charge Indicator: Flashing LED indicates charging to ensure proper panel options.
3. Cloudy Day Ready: Low power mode provides hours of light even on cloudy days. Spot mode saves power by providing an intense, focused task light beam.
  Bright Home Lighting
  - 50 lumen, warm-temperature light output
  - Flexible mount: Adjustable lantern stand, hand-carry strap or ceiling mount options
  Breakthrough Longevity
  Revolutionary Batteries
  Sun KingTM Solo´s battery lasts for five years before replacement.
  Unbeatable Solar Panel Durability
  The 700 mW, aluminum-framed, industrial-grade glass protected solar panel is far more durable than alternatives based on polycarbonate or epoxy encapsulation, both of which degrade quickly in harsh environments.

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