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Fosera POWER LINE LSHS 9800 Home Edition + 2 lamps 400Lm - 1 lamp 200Lm

Technical Specification:
fosera POWER LINE LSHS fosera LSHS is a 12 V power system to meet higher energy demands. With two USB outlets our customers are enabled to fulfill their basic energy needs as phone charging
Efficient fosera Light fosera Lamps use high-efficient LED technology with a very long life-time. Based on 5 operating hours per day the LEDs can last up to 27 years without a significant reduction in brightness.
Modern Battery Technology

uses high-quality and long-lasting lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology. Combined with our intelligent battery charge management, the battery can be used for five to ten years and is completely maintenance-free.

Smartly programmed charge controllers

optimize the life span of the batteries enormously; an intuitive designed LED display shows the state of battery charge.
Technical specification  
LED Lamps lamps 400 lumens x 2 ,lamp 200 lumens x 1
  inbuilt cable – 6m per lamp switch included
Solar Panel 20W crystalline silicon, 10m cable length panel to LSHS box
Battery 9.8Ah, 13 volt  LFPo4 battery 
Included Accessories  
Maximum number of loads 4 + 2 USB
USB outlet 2* USB 500 mA output
Daily operation time of the included lamps* 2* lamp 400 + 1* lamp 200 = 9,2 hrs

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